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National News

Kent Brantly was treating Ebola patients in Liberia
A Florida man who fought with an al Qaeda-linked group Syria was able to return home, unbeknownst to American security officials, and hang around in the U.S. for months before returning to the Middle East to carry out a deadly suicide bombing there, according to recent testimony before Congress.
Rep. Eric Cantor stepped down today as House Majority Leader.
One person is dead and another has been shot after someone opened fire inside a Bank of America office in Chicago.
US issues highest-level travel warning for 3 west African countries over Ebola.
When Richard Preston's novel "The Hot Zone" was published in 1995, it was, for many, their first introduction to the deadly Ebola and Marburg viruses.
The history of the current outbreak of fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.
In its strongest statement yet, the White House today said there’s little doubt that Israeli artillery hit a U.N. school in Gaza Wednesday and called the deadly strike “totally unacceptable and totally indefensible.�
CIA Director John Brennan has apologized to the leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee after the CIA’s Inspector General determined that agency officials inappropriately searched the stand-alone computer network used by committee staffers in preparing their report on the C.I.A.’s detention and interrogation program.  Earlier this year,...
A Palestinian woman gave birth to quadruplets in Gaza Thursday, a sign of optimism amid ongoing bloodshed in the region.
A model facility for moms with children crossing the border illegally is scheduled to open tomorrow. The brand new facility in Karnes, Texas is designed by ICE to be family friendly with drawings on the walls, toy rooms and class rooms for children, and full medical facilities.
Snowden's asylum status in Russia ending, but he waits for decision on extension
Clergy and activists protested the deportation of undocumented immigrants.
Lewinsky explains how it's now possible to reclaim your public image.
Calls housing homeless veterans a "moral and patriotic duty."
An Indianapolis thief has been arrested after he looked right into a security camera before stealing a FedEx package from a porch.
Maddox Perales can't smile because of genetic condition.
Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice publicly apologized to his wife today and said she can "do no wrong," months after he allegedly struck his then-fiancee and was filmed dragging her from an Atlantic City elevator.
Dustin Johnson takes leave of absence from PGA Tour, citing 'personal challenges'
It's been almost a year since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart called it quits for good, but the "Twilight" star is finally opening up about his very public relationship and breakup.
The best shots of your favorite stars snapping selfies.
Days after making his infamous sex comment, he said he's "looking to move on."
This month's hottest celebrity pictures.
Remains dating back more than a decade found in Rhode Island funeral home's uncooled morgue
US and UN: Israel, Hamas agree to unconditional, 72-hour humanitarian cease-fire to begin Fri.
12-year-old Florida boy arrested, accused of fatally shooting homeless man in the head
W. Africa Ebola outbreak tops 700 deaths; 2 aid workers might be brought back to US
Welcome aboard: Obama lavishes praise, attention on new Housing chief Julian Castro
Detroit-area soccer player ordered tried on murder charge after punching referee over ejection
Celebrities go for the au natural look!