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Pet of the Week

Reno & Gabe

Reno was a shy, five year old Chow mix when he came to the shelter.. We were struck by his beautiful thick red coat and kind and gentle manner. Reno treated with respect any dog who shared his pen and always seemed happy to see the familiar faces of our volunteers. We were sure that he would quickly find a home.
Two years have passed and we are amazed to see that Reno is still living at the shelter. Perhaps because he’s quiet and doesn’t attract attention to himself, he has been passed over for adoptions and rescues. It’s obvious to all of the volunteers that come in contact with him that Reno is a very special boy with a great deal to give to any family. He would do well with children and with other dogs. He would love to  accompany his family on walks or cuddle up beside the fire. We hope that Reno's future family is nearby, and when they read about him, and see his photo, they will know that this is the perfect dog for them.

Gabe came into the shelter after surviving one of the coldest winters in years. He was scared and starving. He had lost so much weight that he lacked even the strength to stand, and his health was so poor that he was missing most of the hair on his back legs. Through the determination of the volunteers, and then a transfer to a foster home, Gabe has made an amazing recovery. After many months, he is learning to trust people again. He’s now in good health, has gained back his weight, and regrown his fur. We know he’s ready to move on to his forever home. The lucky family that adopts Gabe will have a loving and loyal kitty companion! 

Animal Friends of Barbour County

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