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Great Pets

Meet Marley, a beautiful Lab/Husky mix. She was born on 12/18/2010 and weighs 60 pounds. Marley was surrendered to us when she was pregnant and just about to deliver her 8 puppies. The puppies certainly caused a stir when they were shown on Facebook and it’s obvious that they will all find loving homes. But Marley also needs a home and after taking such good care of her puppies, she certainly deserves a life of her own. Marley would be a wonderful house dog. We believe she will bond well with whoever chooses her and be a wonderful addition to any home.


Galaxy is a beautiful, adult Calico kitty. She's been waiting patiently for quite awhile for someone to adopt her---probably because she's a bit shy when people come to see her. We feel sure that Galaxy will blossom into a wonderful, loving companion if she's just given the chance. She's been spayed, is up-to-date with her vaccinations and is litter box trained, so she's ready to come home with you at a moments notice.

Animal Friends of Barbour County

Call 304.823.2012 or to visit Animal Friends of Barbour County online CLICK HERE