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Gabe, a young Siamese mix, came into the shelter after surviving one of the coldest winters in years. He was scared and starving. He had lost so much weight that he lacked even the strength to stand, and his health was so poor that he was missing most of the hair on his back legs. With the love and determination of the volunteers, and then a transfer to a foster home, Gabe has made an amazing recovery. After many months, he is learning to trust people again. He is in good health, has gained back his weight, and regrown his hair. We feel he is finally ready to move on to his forever home. He's still going to need love and patience, but Gabe will pay you back ten-fold!

Dahlia, a three year old Lab/Husky mix was adopted several months ago and was very loyal and obedient with the woman who adopted her. Unfortunately, Dahlia became very nervous around small children and this presented problems when the grandchildren visited, so she was brought back to us. Dahlia does very well with other dogs, she knows some commands. She loves to play with tennis balls! She weighs 41 pounds. Dahlia is a beautiful dog, and would be a loyal and loving companion in a home without children.

Animal Friends of Barbour County

Call 304.823.2012 or to visit Animal Friends of Barbour County online CLICK HERE