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Middle Mountain Sporting Goods is your one stop shop. 

You'll find everything from hunting and fishing supplies to breakfast and lunch. 

GPS Tracking for your dogs, customized name tags, and more !

Route 33 East of Elkins (304) 636-5569


Full Name:
E-Mail Address:
Lost or Found:
Dog, Cat, (Breed if known):
Color, Size, Markings, Description:
Collar (ID or rabies tag, ect):
Any additional info about the animal:
Area where animal was lost or found:
Your Contact Number:
Upload a Photo of the Pet: (Max File Size 5MB)

Lost: Cat - Maine Coon Long Hair, Gray with Tan markings, about 10lbs, long hair, long body with balding belly, declawed front paws, tan crooked line on under mouth running down her neck, her name is BELLA.Very friendly, gentle, only outside for a little bit at a time, lost 8-18-14 since about noon, beautiful and wonderful family pet, REWARD FOR HER RETURN. Lost from Evergreen Drive near Jennings Randolph Elementary School. 304-636-8840 or 304-614-1824.

Found: Lab mix, female blonde, Randolph County Tag Number 85. Found near Children’s Home. Number: 304-591-4617

Found:  Cat, black and brown, long hair, flea collar, no tags, very friendly. Found near Davis & Elkins College. Number: 304-637-1213 

Found: Dog, Male, Blonde, Black harness, found near Children’s Home. Number: 304- 591-4617

Lost:  Black and Brown Male German Shepherd wearing a Black and Grey Reflective Collar. Lost from the Back Road of Dailey. His name is Maverick and he is 10 months old. Phone 304-621-7413

Found: Ferret, Black and dark gray, Very friendly, must belong to someone in the park, found in Burgess Trailer Court, Beverly Number: 304-614-4158

Lost: Kitten, 3 mo old. Blue/Grey, with white belly, white mittens front paws, and white socks on rear paws. He's never been outside before, 275 N. Hice Street, Crab Bottom section of Belington. Number: 304-621-2985

Found: Pet Rabbit, white with black markings, this rabbit has been around our house since Sunday and found it near the main road this morning!!! Too fast to catch, Files Creek Road, near Lewnake Drive Number: 304-636-6454

Lost: Between Galloway and Camp Run Road near Flemmington, Yorkshire terrier, Brown face and legs with black body and tail, Collar with tags on, Afraid of people other than his owner so he is difficult to catch. Name: Gizmo Barkley   304-203-1377

Lost: Dog, Jack Russell, brown/whitered, collar, name is Boo, lost in Huttonsville. Number: 304-335-4295

Lost: Dog, Treeing Walker, black tan and white, no collar, slipped it off, she is trained to hunt bear. May travel a distance if she gets on a track. Clifton Run Road… Number: 304-940-9617

Lost: Male Silver Lab & a male Brittany Spaniel with white chest, bright orange collar, Red and white Brittany spaniel, red collar, no tail one with orange one with red friendly dogs Ward Rd/Ebbermans Creek… Number: 304-940-3615 or 304-940-3615

Found:  Australian Shephard - black, brown with blue in front. Found in the Lanesville/Dolly Sods area. 304-866-4707

Lost: Kitten, long hair..black and white, 9 months old, very friendly, Valley Bend Number: 304 613 9613

Lost: Two Kittens, one female grey tiger with black stripes four white feet, one male grey tiger with silver stripes both four months old, very friendly $200 dollar reward, Approximately 4 miles from Audra state park, number: 304-841-6658

Lost:  Dog Plott / Blue Tick, she is white and brown with specs and bigger spots. Her spots have brindle in them. She looks a little gray in the face. She is a hound so she is a bigger dog, blue collar with name and phone numbers on it, very nice dog, family pet, lost in Norton. Number: 304-642-6568

Lost: Parrot, African Grey, grey, red tail, leg band starts with BBB, likes human food. Flew away at Cheat River Lodge on July 5. Went south along the river. Number: 412-855-7884

Found: Large black female dog, young with short hair. Found on Randolph Ave near road work. Friendly, sweet, no collar. 304-613-9138


Lost: Tan Bichon Frise mix answers to "Drubby". Lost in the Pineview area of Elkins. May be in the Elliots Ridge or Chenoweth Rd area, Very Friendly Dog. Please call 304-642-9560 or 304-642-5465 if you see this family pet.

Lost: Dog, black, tan & white, no collar, Walker hound,100 lbs, friendly, Calvin is his name, Montrose. Number: 636-7691

Lost: Dog, miniature pincher, black/tan, red collar dragging a leash, Name: Poncho, Ward Road. Number: 642-5715

Found: Goat, call to identify, has collar, it’s tame, Leading Creek Road, Gilman  Number: 304-940-8189

Lost: Male Australian blue heeler, no collar, family farm dog, lost about a quarter of a mile up Chenoweth Creek.  636-1721

Lost:  Australian Shepherd, medium sized, red Merle, female, answers to Atti, Vera Bradley collar with tags: If you have even just spotted her, please call! I need her home. Country Club Road, Beverly side. Number: 304-582-7714


Lost: Dog, part jack russell and pit bull his name is Coalton gray and white med size dog...tips of both ears bent down, last seen at Tygart Valley Sanitation in Daily, Number: 304-614-8067 anytime

Lost: Kitten, all black, Tom kitten about 12 weeks old, Kerens, Number: 304-637-1170

 Fou  Fi   ffMale Basset Hound found in Monterville in the Point Mountain area. Very well behaved and nicely groomed – if someone missing their basset hound please call the Taylor’s at 304-339-2516. 

Found: Pit bull mix, white with brown on ears, orange, purple and pink collar, looks like she just had babies, Glenmore loop… Number: 304-636-8408 


Found: Dog, Jack Russel mix, tri color, it was hit by car dropped off to us, found near highland park by the Christian School… Number: 304 637 2400 


Lost: Large mixed dog, Great Pyranase, blue eyes, chocker collar, Highland Park area, Number: 304-642-8605

Found: Dog Black Lab, no collar, very friendly, found at Highland Park. Number: 304-636-0738 

Found: Male Chihuahua, white, with brown face and brown spots, camo collar with orange trim, found in the parking lot of Hardees in Elkins. Number: 304-704-9518

Lost: Male plot hound. Brindle colored. Slipped out of his collar. Approx 4 miles out Chenoweth Creek Road. 304-642-2334

Found: Male Dog, Boston Terrier, Black with white on face/neck, Orange collar, very skinny, Number: 330-360-5420

Lost: Cat, Siamese, Gray and White W/ blue eyes, No Collar, has a missing tail that was surgically removed, lost from South Kerens Ave. in Elkins. Number: 304-614-7164


Found: Small male, Dachshund, has a collar, well maintained, found close to the State Police barracks. Contact Number: 304-591-4321

Found:  By the children’s home in Elkins, a small very small Yorkie with no collar, call 636-8449

Lost: Dog, Creamy White Color, Size of a Beagle, no Collar, very friendly, will answer to Nellie or Nella… County Club Road near the airport… Contact Number: 304-642-0024

Lost: Male Poodle ChihuahuaMix, Small (4lb) Solid Black, Blue Collars, he will answer to his name Batman, Friendly… Crystal Springs, Number: 304-591-2298 


Lost: shih tzu mix female puppy, long haired, dark brown and white with a curled tail. 3 1/2 month. old. Lost near faulkner rd. bowden area. 304-940-6044 or 304-614-3718

Lost: Dog, small, female, brown miniature pincher with a white coveted nose from old age, short docked tail. She went missing April 19 around 10pm. Her name is sugar and I have had her for 11 years. I have two children who are very attached. Belington across the bridge down Crab Bottom down below Nazarene Church. Number: 304-614-6018

Found: on the Talbott road in Belington, yellow- brown- gray, tailess cat, looks like he’s been hit by a car, picky eater- so seems as though he’s someone’s pet very friendly seems young and playful call 823-2151

Lost:  Shih Tzu mix female puppy, long haired, dark brown and white with a curled tail. 3 1/2 months old, no collar, Faulkner Rd. Bowden area… Numbers: 304-940-6044 or 304-614-3718

Lost: Male dog, black & tan with a white patch on chest his tail is half cut off and has a knot on it. We were moving our trailer into Beverly trailer court Thursday and he got out of our vehicle and ran up to fast break gas station a lady in a brown jeep picked him up please call us about our dog he is on medicine for his arthritis and is 17 years old we miss him dearly. Number: 304-621-2488 or 304-591-4961

Lost: Pit bull mix, black male with white marking on chest- short hair, was wearing collar with tags. Missing from home since Sunday afternoon. Very friendly, Elkins area Number: 304-704-9455

Found:  Pug Mix, Small Brown and Black, No Collar, was taken to Dr. Lammee's Vet Office. Was found on 219 near Church of the Nazarene  Number: 304-637-2400

Found: Cat, Long Haired Tabby, female, no teeth, she is blind. Vet said she's around 10 years old. Leading Creek and Ivey School Rd. Number: 304-614-8794Lost: Black cat, Saturday morning, around the Baxter St industrial park area in Elkins. please call 636-5472

Lost: Cat, greenish yellow eyes, pink nose. About 6-9 pounds, white with a black tail and black patch of fur on face and ear, long hair. male cat, not neutered, very sweet, comes to the name of Walley usually, about 1 year old. $100 reward. Lost from Rt. 1, Dry Run Road, Mill Creek, WV Number: 304-704-6069 or 304-591-2082 

Lost: Cat, White, Female, Collar with ID Tag, Her name is Nikki and the phone number on the tag has been disconnected. It reads 304.636.4431… Teaberry Hills, Number: to call 304-704-6188 

Lost: Black Lab, Black w/ small white markings, answers to Buddy, Bruce Street, near bike trail Number: 304-636-4455, 304-642-8989, 304-636-7792

Lost: Yorkshire Terrier, Brown and tan, Red collar with tags, Very small male answers to Frodo, Central St in Elkins Number: 304-614-7614

 Lost: 8 month old miniature Husky, wearing a blue collar, possibly had a red leash still on it, lost around the Graham Street area in Elkins, contact 304-704-4282 or 304-636-6222

Found: Red Tick Hound, no collar, friendly, a little skiddish, but friendly, found in the Pumpkintown area, contact 304-636-4632

Found: Small, short black dog with medium long hair, white spot on his chest, very friendly, has broken chain attached to a purple collar, no tags, found in the Heavener Acres area, being kept in kennel for safety, contact Ronda at 304-642-4767

Found: Corgi dog, black, brown and white, approx 30-40 lbs, wearing an orange collar, short legs, found on Ward Road at the entrance to Bridgewater Estates, contact 304-591-2591

Lost: Siberian Husky, black and white, one blue and one brown eye, no collar, answers to Jake, lost in the Montrose/Kerns Area, reward if found, contact 304-637-0197

Found: Male Golden Retriever, found in the Gilman area on Leading Creek Road, contact 304-636-1012

Found: Chocolate dog, very friendly especially with kids, found on Rich Mountain, contact 304-591-2588

Found: Male black lab pup, approx 4-5 months old, black, narrow white stripe down chest, no id, looks like he had a collar or harness at one time, found at Kerenson Clifton Run Road, contact 304-636-0080

Lost: Black and white Husky with blue eyes, wearing a green collar, lost on Rt 219 at the Randolph/Pocahontas Co line, contact 304-339-2685

Lost: Black labs, wearing a reddish orange collar, very friendly, lost in the Mabie area, contact 304-636-5356

Lost:  Male Boxer Pit mix, brown with white chest, blue collar, lost in the Beverly, Sugar Creek-Files Creek Road area, very friendly, name is Ruger, contact 304-591-2801

Lost: Long hair "weiner dog", black and tan, wearing a black and pink collar, approx 14-16 years old, running scared, may try to bite if you pick her up, lost from Burgess Mobile Home Park, contact 304-940-8101

Found: Small brown female dog, tail curls up on back, no collar, seems to be a house dog, found between Industrial Park Road and Laurel Mountain Road in Belington, contact 304-823-3802

Found: Calico Cat, no collar, found around Matthew Street, contact 304-636-5618

Found: Black Cocker Spaniel mix, no collar, found in the South Elkins area, contact 304-642-7832

Found: Long hair female calico cat, black light orange tipped, fluffy tail, green eyes, no tags, very tiny, skiddish, found on Country Club Road next to the golf course, contact 304-614-7942

Lost: 2 horses, one black, one brown in the Junior area or Barbour County. Last seen near Talbott Community, contact Mary at 304-823-1962 or 304-677-3834

Found: Black dog, pitbull lab mix, friendly, no collar, found around the Wilson Hill area in Elkins, contact 304-614-4277

Found: Blue tick, dark color with blue spots, young male, friendly and playful, wearing a blue collar, no tags, found in Beverly across the bridge on Georgetown Road, contact 636-3924

Lost: Himalayan cat, big, long hair, no collar, blue eyes, dark brown tipped ears, tail and paws, rest of body is beige, answers to Tom, lost in the Crystal Springs area, contact 304-636-1298

Found: Beagle, white tan and black, no collar, friendly, found between Belington and Phillipi, contact 304-940-5431

Lost: Austrailian Shepherd, black and white, lost around Allegheny Mountain, Horse Shoe Turn Area, contact 434-292-5750

Lost: Chocolate lab, name is Maxie, very friendly, wearing a red collar with name and phone number, lost in Montrose between the Saltlick Road and Clover Run Road, contact 304-339-2720 or 304-704-5162

Found: Black and white kitten, has white feet, very loving, found in Dailey at the yield sign near the Presbyterian Church, contact 304-642-8898

Found: Blue Heeler with Beagle ears, wearing a blue nylon collar, appears to be young, found in the Valley Bend area, contact 304-642-7026

Lost: Treeing Walking Coonhound, tri-color black, white and brown, solid brown head, friendly, smaller build, wearing a green reflector collar, last seen in Vallen Bend, contact 304-642-7943

Lost: Calico Cat, no collar, older cat, and she needs her meds, very friendly, lost in the Earl Street Area, contact 304-637-0618

Found: Small dog, white with brown spot on back, brown face, tan collar, found in the Cravensdale area, contact 304-636-6057

Found: Small pug mix, brown with white on chest, no tail, wearing a gray collar no tags, found in the Cravens Dale area, contact 304-636-9531

Lost: Pit, white with brown around left eye, very friendly, lost at Harpertown, contact 304-516-4415

Found: Small brownish dog, a few black spots, wearing a collar, found in South Elkins, contact 304-636-4489

Lost: White and brown dog, no collar, medium build, name is Ruger, lost in Valley Bend between 7pm 2/5 and 7am 2/6, contact 304-642-4941 or 304-642-8987

Lost: Dachshund, red and spotted brown, one brown eye and one blueeye, no collar, very friendly, lost in South Elkins, contact 304-591-2219

Lost: Male Weinheimer, light brown with short hair, lost on 2/4 on Kelley Mountain Road, contact 304-621-0992, 304-704-3102, or 304-636-4891

Lost: Black and White male Husky, wearing a blue collar, name Apollo, may be skiddish around strangers, last seen around the McDonalds in Elkins, contact 304-591-2993

Lost: Black and silver Husky, wearing a collar, lost at 11pm on 2/10, lost around the alley past Duck View Apartments, 10th Street, contact 304-636-1672

Found: Female Yorkie, tan and brown, wearing a pink collar, very friendly, found on Beverly Pike in Belington, contact 304-614-9377

Lost: Walker dog, brown and white with patches of brown and black colors, has scrape on left leg, lost in the Highland Park area, contact 304-642-8605

Lost: White boxer, no tag, 7 years old, very friendly, name is Zeus, lost in the Glenmore area, contact 304-940-6921, 304-9406931 or 304-395-5365

Lost: Blue Tick Hounds, blue, white and black, both dogs have collars, lost in the Belington Area, if found please call Trudy or Carol 304-614-8700 or 304-613-8877

Lost: Male Weinheimer, black with brown feet, wearning an orange collar, approx 1 year old, large dog, friendly, lost behind Sharp Jewelry and Seneca Satellite, contact 304-704-9939

Lost: Shihtzu dog, white, wearing a blue and green collar with Steeler dog tags with PA address, may be skiddish, lost Sat 1/18 in Edgewater estates behind Jennings Randolph, contact 304-389-1216 or 304-546-3058

Found: Small black dog, approx 15 pounds, has collar with ID, name is "Beauty", with phone number 304-940-9563, no answer at number, found on Davis Street, contact 304-668-0969

Lost: Chocolate Lab, some white on neck, has a collar with info, on Chenoweth Creek, name is Lulabell, call 637-6002 or 704-3363

Found: Light brown male cat, looks to be less then a year old, found in the Holly Bush Road area, contact 304-339-4922

Found: Light brown female puppy with white belly chest and feet, approx 4 months old, wearning a royal blue collar with light blue bones on it, dragging a leash  Has brown eyes looks like a beagle shepherd mix, short hair, timid, found in the Highland Park area, contact 304-636-5300

Lost: Tortoiseshell cat, black, orange and tan in color, skiddish, last seen Tuesday, no collar, lost in the Glenmore area off Hickory Drive, contact 304-637-0708

Found: Sunday on Park Ave in Highland Park.  Small tan female dog with short hair long ears. Looks something like a hound dog, around 4-6 months old. Very friendly and happy, has a blue collar on attached to a black leash, contact 304-636-5300

Lost: Brown and white chihuahua and a chihuahuha poodle mix, very friendly, lost in the Belington area off Rt 250, contact 304-614-5350