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GPS Tracking for your dogs, customized name tags, and more !

Route 33 East of Elkins (304) 636-5569


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Found: 2 Boxers in the Valley Bend area. One tannish brown, one white, very friendly with blue collars. Number: 338 - 2928

Lost: 2 males dogs, Australian Shepard and Lab pup, on Georgetown Road between Elkins and Beverly. Number: 304-642-6010

Lost: St. Bernard/Collie mix dog, Medium size. Brown and white, wearing a collar, answers to "Buddie". Lost in the Haddix Road, Sullivan's Crossing area. Number: 304-591-5791

Found: Boxer or part Boxer, Light Brown, Large, White Chest Cropped Tail Dark Ears, No Collar, 65lbs or more, 900 block of S. Henry Ave near Duck View Apt. Number: (304) 636-1672

Found: Cat, black and tan long hair, no collar, young kitten very friendly, Bruce St., Elkins. Number: 304 637 2400

Lost: Beagle, tri colored, very friendly and crippled a little in his hips, Mabie area. Number: 304-678-5855

Lost: Dog, Pekingese, small all white, fluffy hair, name Snowbear, bottom of 3 lane hill in Belington on 250 past the fairgrounds. Number: 304-377-6877

Lost: Dog, Beagle, Tri Color mostly black and brown, no collar or tags, slipped out of them. Named Speckles...traveling with the White Pekingese, bottom of 3 lane hill in Belington on 250 past the fairgrounds. Number: 304-377-6877

Lost: Pit Bull Mix- white with tan markings.. black collar. Lost in the area of D&E and Gateway Apartments... call 304-940-6371

Found: Dog, Medium sized, young, almost like a blackish grey, collar no tags, very friendly and smart, South Elkins… Number: 614-2235

Lost: Dog, blue heeler, small, with a white stripe like a badger on her face and red legs, white tail and the usual blue heeler markings, collar, no tags or microchip. Lost from Kincaid Street since January first, I heard she had been found on Fox Hollow and Donald and would appreciate her safe return. She is mostly nervous because she is a rescue dog and we just moved here. She is five years old and is very sweet. My three little brothers and I miss her, please bring her home. Number: 541-214-6232

Lost: Bloodhound, female, no collar, with a walker hound female near Chenoweth Creek. Number: 304-642-9618

Found: Dog, part Dachshund, brown, dragging a small piece of rope from his collar, male, very scared of strangers is running around the hospital on Harrison Ave and at the Harrison Ave / 219 intersection.  Number: 614-2682

Found: Two dogs, a white poodle and a tan, possibly poodle mix, Gum Road in Crystal Springs, no collars. Call 636-7386

Found: Big Male Boxer, (Mostly Light Brown, White markings on face and chest) No Collar, Well fed, Neutered, Davis Ave next to Montessori Day Care 11: 30 at night. Number: 636-1672

Lost: Pitt/Lab Mix dog, white with black spots, one black ear, one spotted ear. medium sized, only 11 months old. Pink collar with tags, answers to Sugar. Lost from Mabie side of Rich Mountain in Randolph county. Number: 3046148677

Lost: Dog, black med, looks like lab with short hair, orange collar, no tags, name is Puggie, very friendly, Midway Rd Belington, WV. Number: 304 591 5973

Found: Dog, Beagle, Older female, collar, no tags, quiet, good natured at Elkins Mountain School. Number: (304) 642-8248

Lost: Dog, small about 14" tall, brindle with white stomach, It is a female and answered to Pebbles, Heavener Acers Area. Number: 636-9099 or 642-1378

Lost: Male Chiwawa, white & tan, red collar, missing from Channel Road in Mill Creek, name "Jasper", Number: 642-6970

Found: Dog, male, mid size with long white hair, yellow collar no tags, back road in Valley Bend Number: 304-642-2620

Found: Big hound, brindle, neon yellow collar with reflector and tracking collar, no name, number or contact info. Upper Isner Creek Road above Poe Run, end of road through gate blue house on hill. Number: 304-636-0047

Lost: Lab Mix, black short hair, bright red collar, tax tag, large dog,, arthritic, Jimtown Road, Coalton… Number: 304-642-4332

Lost: Husky dog, Male, Blue eyes, May have on choker chain, Named Socks, Lost from stone coal rd between Belington & junior. Last seen on river road heading toward Belington. Number: 304-709-0373

Lost: Dog, Fawn female Akita, No collar, Injured, Georgetown Rd, Beverly, Number: 304-636-7886

Lost: Dog, blue tick hound, Black White brown has ID collar and orange tracking collar, male, McGowen Mtn in Tucker Co. or Bickels Knob, Lower Cheat in Randolph. Number: 304-614-0845

Lost:  Dog, Great Dane, black & white spotted, male, big red collar, very friendly & missed behind Barbour county fairgrounds Number: 304- 621 - 3210

Found: Walker Coon Hound, Male, No collar. Friendly, Young, Found 12/8 on Cheat Mtn in Beverly. Number: 304-637-5014

Found: Lab, pup light brown with white chest, friendly, Silent Grove Rd, 3mi from Barbour County 911 Center. Number: 304-669-3768

Found: Dog, part pit bull, all black, well taken care of, Becky's Creek. Number: 304-335-2746

Lost: Cat in the Beverly Hills area in Beverly...

Lost: mt curr/beagle mix, looks like beagle w long legs stub tail, black brown and white, no collar, answers to Brutus. Lost from the Scotts Lake Rd/Louk Rd area. 304-621-7599

Found: Black labrador retreiver, neutered male, very nice. Found on Dec 2, Right Fork Files creek, east of gas compressor station. 304-636-0144

Found: 2 small Boxers, Brindle med with white chest, Small black Boxer white face and chest, Both wearing collars with tags, Couldn't get near them, 900 Block S.Henry Ave near Duck View Apt. Number: (304) 636 - 1672

Lost: Bull dog, Brown & white little black, his name is Troy, Ward Road red oak estates Number: 304-636-4354

Lost: Dog, choc lab mix, brown, blue collar, very friendly golden colored eyes, Chenoweth Creek area. Number: 304-516-1149

Found: Golden Retriever, Medium, Dark Reddish Color, Broken Leash and Collar, Very Friendly, Chenoweth Creek/Kelly Mountain. Number: 304-995-5598

Found: Black Lab Mix, Black with white sox and chest…

Lost: Maine coon mix, cat, brown tabby, long fur and whiskers, black collar with reflective skulls, has microchip. Very friendly, loves to be outside, possibly taken from our driveway or woods surrounding our home. Reward if found. Old route 33, near cheat river lodge. Number: 304-621-2879

Lost: Boxer/Lab, All black with white chest and docked tail, camo collar, back left paw is white also. His name is Bruno, was spotted in Gilman area. Lost or Stolen since 11/8 from Mt. Liberty area in Philippi. Number: 304-709-2340

Found: Terrier Puppy, White with Black markings on Face, Blue color no tags Female very friendly. Found on River Street by the Foot Bridge. Number: (304) 636-1672

Found: Bulldog Mix? White with grey blotches/spots. Approximately 2.5 feet tall and 70-ish pounds. No tags or collar. Very friendly, approachable, looks healthy, well-socialized. Seen between Weimer Stadium and T-Mart. Number: 304-642-9721

Lost: Blue tick Coon Hound, black white brown, red nylon collar / tag, walks with limp/ back left leg crocked, Scotts Lake, Files Creek area. Number: 304-704-3053 or 304-636-5226

Lost: Cat, Yellow tiger striped male, Blue collar, Missing some hair in middle of front shoulders, Russell Street extension. Contact Number: 304-614-4528


Lost: Bloodhound, black & brown, near Scotts Lake area, is injured, name is L.B. Call 304-636-6711 or 304-642-6711


Lost: Husky, Black & White has white face, blue eyes 35-40 lbs., no collar, female name Amira, Midway Road. Number: 304-457-4983


Found: Cat, white with tiger markings, found on Rich Mt. near Harman, Male cat, very loving....needs a good home, Number: 637-2758

Found: Young female beagle at Huttonsville State Farm, found Monday. Sweet dog, wonderful animal. Following the farm crews! She'll be around the main office on the farm.


Found: Young hound dog, very sweet and in good condition. Found October 18th Nestorville/Tacy area Barbour County Number: 304-457-4801



Found: Cat, adult female, white with tiger markings, very friendly, affectionate & hungry… Rt 33, rich mountain area, between Harman & Wyler Number: 637-2758


Lost: Dog Boxer/Shepard mix, fawn w/white boots black muzzle, red collar w/license, long docked tail, Montrose just north of Clover Run on 219. Number: 304-704-9645


Found: Dog, blonde w/black face, pink Collar, sweet puppy, Highland Adventist School. Number: 304 940 1010



Found: Lost: Beagle, Male, About 5yrs old, No collar, Name is Duke, Stone Coal Road in Belington. Number: 304-709-0373

Lost: Calico cat, fluffy tail & long hair, green eyes, has no tags; never been outside, very friendly but may be scared, lost in South Elkins near 16th street. Number: 304-704-7904


Lost: 2 horses, one bay mare, one chestnut gelding, not wearing tack or halters, Arabians, lost from Texas Mountain, heading toward clover run rd or possibly brushy fork rd in Barbour County. Number: 304-457-1550

Found: Pit bull mix, medium size light brown and white, blue thick collar, friendly, possibly kept inside. Found @ Mabie, WV near the post office. Number: 304-636-6953

Found: Dog (may be Chihuahua) Light blond, collar no tags, there's something special about this puppy but we want her to get to the right owner so they need to tell us what that special thing is… Found on Worth Avenue. Number: 304-642-5222 


Lost: Golden Retriever, Dark Gold 100 lbs., Male 11 yrs old, wide black and silver collar Very friendly, Harpertown near D & E College. Number: 940-5553

Lost: Cat, Tan & white, No collar, Chubby male inside cat., Pleasant Ave & Orchard Street. Number: 304-591-2874

Lost: Dog, Blue Heeler, Black patches around ears & eyes white spot between his eyes, about 5 years old, name is Spike, family dog lost about 5am Saturday morning he slipped out of his collar, Israel Church road. Number: 304-637-0988

Found: Black kitten, white on chest, Middle Mountain.  Call 304-338-6467

Found: Hound, White, black and brown young female, no collar, friendly, found off of church road in Dailey on 9/12/2014 Number: 304-338-4518


Found: Dog, Big Brown Male Dog black nose white markings on chest, Chock Chain, Very Tame 1 to 2 yrs old, 909 1/2 S. Henry Ave. Number: (304) 636-1672

Found: Lab mix, female blonde, Randolph County Tag Number 85. Found near Children’s Home. Number: 304-591-4617

Found:  Cat, black and brown, long hair, flea collar, no tags, very friendly. Found near Davis & Elkins College. Number: 304-637-1213 

Found: Dog, Male, Blonde, Black harness, found near Children’s Home. Number: 304- 591-4617

Lost:  Black and Brown Male German Shepherd wearing a Black and Grey Reflective Collar. Lost from the Back Road of Dailey. His name is Maverick and he is 10 months old. Phone 304-621-7413

Lost: Kitten, 3 mo old. Blue/Grey, with white belly, white mittens front paws, and white socks on rear paws. He's never been outside before, 275 N. Hice Street, Crab Bottom section of Belington. Number: 304-621-2985