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Every Monday morning someone wins a delicious Ice Cream Cake

from Dairy Queen on the Beverly Five Lane in Elkins !

Post your birthday to the Dairy Queen Birthday Club to get in to win !


This week's winner (12/15): Tara Kiley of Elkins

Name of the Person Celebrating a Birthday:
Birth Date:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Your Name:
Your E-Mail Address:


1st - Jack Basil, Jack Hedrick, Iona Hammonds

2nd - Ellis Mann, James Sacks, Ethel Boltz, Kaila Channell

3rd - Julie Paugh, Cayla Montoney, Brandon Grimes, Malachi Ammerman

4th - Brooklyn Jade Wyatt, Bailey Chewning, Helen Lewis, Brittney Chewning, Scott Teets

5th - Cynthia Haddix

6th -

7th - Chloe Gibson, Melanie Burns

8th - Paul McAtee, Johnathan Turner, Roxanna Cooper, Allen Brewster, Patty Delauder

9th - Moriah Warner, Faith Browning, Cecil Winans, Angela White

10th - Eloise Mann, Jasmine Eagle, Rich Teter, Jasmine Mallow

11th - Eugene McSpadden, Bob Corbin, Terry Grimes, L.P. Roy, Patrick Fultz, Courtney Leary, Gary Kisner

12th - Amanda Woodford, Tonda Sullivan, Emily Bedford, Trevor George, Hollie Wilson, Rick Haden

13th - MaKenzie Cooper

14th - Ally Salman, Zackary Coontz, Joe Meloy

15th - Sheliah Wegman

16th - Stacey Wegman, Trevor Mallow

17th - Jerrick Reams, Keith Weese, Eddie Simmons, Lisha Bell, Teresa Haney, Steve Cousin

18th - Nick Lewis, Xander Poe, Sheila Davis

19th -

20th -

21st - Gene Pingley, Molly Morris, Juanita Underwood

22nd - Garilee Mallow, Marcus Gregory, Daisy Simple, Holly Haden, Maddison Thompson, Ronnie Biggs

23rd - Timothy Currence, Richard "Bill" Knotts, Betsy Jones, Roy McDonald, Lexxie Lower

  24th -

25th - Mitchell Skidmore

26th -

27th - Luke McCauley, Wendy Louk

28th -

29th - Jessica Swecker, Jane Smith

30th -

31st - Stephanie Beer, Sandy Teter, George Mallow


1st -

2nd - Amber Channell

3rd - Jason Lanham



6th -

7th -

8th -

9th - Kynzie Chewning

10th -

11th -

12th -

13th -

14th - Anna Elbon

15th -

16th -

17th -

18th - Laura Thompson

19th -

20th -

21st -

22nd -

23rd -

24th -

25th -

26th -

27th -

28th -

29th -

30th -

31st - Shayla Collins