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Every Monday morning you can win a delicious Ice Cream Cake

from Dairy Queen on the Beverly Five Lane in Elkins !

Post your birthday to the Dairy Queen Birthday Club to get in to win !

Name of the Person Celebrating a Birthday:
Birth Date:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Your Name:
Your E-Mail Address:


1st - Barbara Rexrode, Kolton Ward, Patsy Howell, Lesley Cale, Makala Adams,

Crosby Bender, Ryan Hare, Shyenne Morris Hedrick

2nd - Betty Mullenax, Van Broughton, Noah Phillips

3rd - Tim Malcomb, Jaime Simmons, Kylen Rosencrance, Lexi Pitzer,

Russell Shepherd, Donald Marchman, Campbell Knight

4th - Rick Ward, Janet Stalnaker, Jermia Hedrick

5th - Cory Payne, Lisa Dennis, Margaret Stalnaker

6th - Lori Smith, Mindi Reams, Grayson Gragg, Lily Harlan

7th - Linda Ferguson

8th - Jacob Price, Gracie McCauley, Leon Mallow,

Richard L Watson Sr, Roy Stalnaker

9th - Ron Ferguson, Peyton Howell

10th - Calia Barnett, Jerry Pastine, Missy Smith

11th - Braxton Kenney, Richard Kittle, Donna Cumberledge

12th - April Manolidis, Melanie Adams 

13th - Bruce Gooden

14th - John David, Pat Lane

15th - Eric Carpenter, Braeden Lanham 

16th - Diana Workman, Tyler Pifer, Aron Skidmore, Mattlyn Haney 

17th - Jim Smith, Brenda Cunningham, Ashley Shifflett

18th - Shawn Phillips

19th - Travis Jones, Willie Mallow 

20th -

21st - Patricia Shaffer

22nd - Jennifer Stanton

23rd - Brandon Ray, Cassie Hinkle, Bobbi Vandevender  

24th - Nicholas Scott, Lisa White

25th - Connie McCord, Amber Gear, Nathan Matteson, Mary Moore, Amanda Lantz  

26th - Angie Yeager 

27th - Gladys Stalnaker, Melody Simmons, Christy Shifflett, Lisa Miller, ,  

28th - Brody Skidmore

29th - Alisa Shreve 

30th - Alexis Hare



1st - Major Kelly Lanham, Mariah Taylor, Abby Lanham, Matt Howell , , , ,

2nd - Rose Watson, Nancy Bruffy

3rd - Brittany Channell

4th -

5th -

6th -

7th -

8th - Natalie Pifer

9th - Bailey Hickman

10th -

11th -

12th - Spike Howell, William "Bud" Coffman  

13th -

14th - Chris Sturm

15th -

16th -

17th -

18th -

19th -

20th -

21st -

22nd -

23rd -

24th -

25th -

26th -

27th -

28th -

29th -

30th -

31st -