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Every Monday morning someone wins a delicious Ice Cream Cake

from Dairy Queen on the Beverly Five Lane in Elkins !

Post your birthday to the Dairy Queen Birthday Club to get in to win !


This week's winner (2/23): Arthur Hedrick of Elkins

Name of the Person Celebrating a Birthday:
Birth Date:
Your Name:
Your E-Mail Address:



1st - Evelyn Howell, Patty Yokum

2nd - Roger Harris, Holly Winans, Melissa Riggs, Ruby McDonald, Brian Dawson, Raelyn Burgess

3rd - Jamie Witek

4th - Andy Nelson, Leroy Taylor, Mary Johnson, Crystal O'Brian, Michael Corder

5th - Alexia Conrad

6th - Salena Martin, Austin Lanham

7th - Xadyn Poe, Heidi Wegman

8th - Judi Meadows, Pauline Hamrick, Aiden Weese

9th - Misty Johnston, Shane Jordan

10th - Caleb Teter, Buck Moats

11th - Bill & Carolyn Hedrick (49th Anniversary) 

12th - Roger Jones

13th - Emily Tallman, Nick Tompkins, Amanda Fortney

14th - Lilly Love Simmons

15th - Alexis Findley, Brandon Schwartz

16th - Traver Jones, Robbie Ott

17th -

18th - Madelyn McCauley, Kimberly Arbogast, Nicholas Carr, Riley Martin, Jamie Jordan

19th - Guy Bedford Sr., Jeanne Shrader

20th - Bud Tusing, Sierra Blackburn, Eric Hansen

21st - Janine Beer, Trinity Howell, Teresa Slaubaugh

22nd - Mike Howell, Helen Caliyano (89 yrs young)

23rd - Bradley Collins, Dave Hudnall

24th - Kenny Rowback

25th - Don Thomason, Chris McDonald, Brooklyn Johnston, Mary Tusing, John Vandevender, Tom Wratchford, Gerry Zirkle, Walker McCune, Stephanie Roy

26th - Cadence Hinkle, Papaw Kenney

27th - Emily McAtee

28th - Regan & Rylee McCauley, Haley Findley, Jared Mick

29th -



1st - Robert Matura, DeShaun Chisolm

2nd - Mackenzie Swindell, Robert Rossler

3rd -

4th -

5th - Dale Scott

6th - Jescha Reams, Erica Woods 

7th -

8th - Melinda Lipscomb

9th - Isabell Hinkle

10th - Tori Morral

11th - Jayla Reams, Marcia Myers 

12th -

13th -

14th -

15th - Jacob Lambert, Alexah Blackburn

16th - Doyle Howell, Christa Myers 

17th -

18th -

19th - Brad Deetz

20th - Danny McCauley

21st -

22nd -

23rd -

24th -

25th - Katie Wilson

26th -

27th -

28th - Aaron Whitehair

29th -

30th - Jalyssa Reams 

31st -