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Every Monday morning you can win a delicious Ice Cream Cake

from Dairy Queen on the Beverly Five Lane in Elkins !

Post your birthday to the Dairy Queen Birthday Club to get in to win !


This week's winner (7/21): Oscar Thomas of Belington


Name of the Person Celebrating a Birthday:
Birth Date:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Your Name:
Your E-Mail Address:


1st - Dustin Sullivan

2nd - Hannah Rockwell, Daniel White

3rd - Tammy Payne, Linda Hedrick, Cathy Hedrick, Kennith Collins, Evelyn Bennett

4th - Olivia Hinzman, Tabitha Marlin, Courtney Taylor, Billy Mallow, Michelle Lindsay, Darlene Thompson, Jeremy Canfield, Patty Sacks

5th - Eugene Channell

6th - Gregory Wegman, Kathi Gatian, Kristin Crosston

7th - Jasiah Dalton

8th - Hunter Shaffer, Hunter Lewis, Dalton Vandevender, Danilia Lattea

9th - Gary Phillips, Debbie Trupo, Becky Higgins, Kandi Herron

10th - Peyton Howell, Melissa Nicholson

11th - Amanda Peek, Sandy Sparks

12th - Dr. Charles Riddle, Donna Rutter, Karen Tenney, Ky Reams (21)

13th - Lilly Corley, Avery Kittle

14th - Danny Sullivan, Kim Tompkins, Tom Harsh, Joseph Browning, Breanna Mahoney, Brandon Mahoney

15th - Kylie McCauley, Richard Gould

16th - MaKenize Malcomb, Abby Gump

17th - Flora Kelly, Daniel Yokum, Oscar Thomas, Bonnie Hammond

18th - Athena Scott, Gregory Phillips, Gerri Bennett (86!!), Francine Woodford, Haleigh Wilfong

19th - Katelyn Tompkins, Crystal Mouse

20th - Khole Howell, Debbie Jones, Gail Burns, Pat Corbin

21st - Ariella Brown, Emily Butcher, Shauna Griffith, Jess Hudnall, Kevin Barb, Zac Myers

22nd - Michael Depolo, Karen Bradley, Tyler Simmons

23rd - Andrew Johnston, Hailey Riffle, Emily Bacorn

24th - Morgan Butcher, Timmy Daniels

25th - Tyler Zirkle, Phoebe Riddle, Matthew Orsburn, Linda Gould, Randy Nelson, Anthony Ware

26th - Dennah Boram, Sheila Verga

27th - Joseph Thompson, Vergie Reed

28th - Garland & Flora Kelley (41st Anniversary) 

29th - Bill Simmons, Kayla Simmons

30th - Victoria Kyle, Korey Simmons

31st - Zachary Price Zachary Price



1st - RJ McCarty

2nd - Autumn Ogden, Ronnie Bright

3rd - Brittany Howell

4th - Mitchell Harper, Jennifer Howell

5th - Trevor Cassell, Raylyn Kimbrew, Debbie Harsh, Issac Scott

6th -

7th - Ashley Lipscomb, Roy Lipscomb

8th -

9th - Dale Tenney, Sr.

10th -

11th - Jackson Shepherd

12th -

13th - Danelle Rohrbaugh, Nicolas Corley, Melody Tingler

14th - Maria Lewis, Stephanie Cussins

15th - Alison Bailey

16th -

17th - Bobby Reams

18th - Melody Dawn

19th -

20th -

21st -

22nd -

23rd - 

24th - Anita Simmons, Mandi Foster, Susie Ware, Remington Thomas

25th - Austyn Reams, Nicolis Malcomb

26th - Brenda Pritt

27th - Phyllis & Leonard Griffith (26th Anniversary), Sue Edwards

28th - Tonya Scott

29th -

30th - Cody Elmore

31st -